Anavar Supplement A Day Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Body

Anavar is a supplement with maximum number of ardent fans being bodybuilders and sportsmen. Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is used by bodybuilders for cutting cycles. Commonly known as Var, this steroid is slowly paving a way into the hearts of many consumers worldwide.

Anavar Needs To Be Following With Workouts

Rome was not built in a day. The same principle applies here too. You cannot simply rely on a single steroid to help tone your muscles in a day. If you thought that your favorite bodybuilders or sportsmen got their muscles simply by consuming steroids, then you definitely need a reality check.

Exercising and a healthy diet too play a very important role here. When taken in the right dosage, these steroids can help your body shed excess fat and convert them to toned and lean muscle. This combined with you hitting the gym regularly and a healthy diet, can work wonders both on your mind and body.

Anavar Supplement Achieve

If you exceed the recommended dosage, then some of the side effects experienced with these steroids include:

  • Liver and kidney damage
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart failure
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Low libido levels
  • Hair loss
  • Acne in women
  • Deep manly voice in women
  • Allergies

If such symptoms persist, then you need to seek medical attention right away. Anavar is safer than most of the steroids found in the market. You need to take all the pros and cons of these steroids into consideration before deciding whether this would be beneficial for you.

Abuse with Anavar Steroids

Seeing the positive results with Anavar steroids, many bodybuilders and athletes misuse these steroids. Anavar steroids are banned in the US due to its misuse by consumers. Many of the doctors recommend these steroids to people suffering from anemia, joint pain or muscle loss, but only with prescription.

You can either consume these steroids orally or through injections. Recommended dosage would be 10mg to 50mg for men and 5mg to 20mg for women. No matter how much the steroid works for you, ensure that you do not get addicted to it.

Take these steroids in cycles of one to two weeks. Follow this up with cycling or weight lifting to get the desired results.


Ensure that you do not buy steroids illegally, just to get your hands on them. There are many countries such as UK and Canada where these steroids are legal. You can be assured to get good quality stuff from such stores.