Boosting the Levels of Testosterone to Improve Endurance and Increase Sex Drive

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone that plays a significant role in making you feel, look and perform like a man. The levels of this hormone tend to peak in your late twenty`s, then begin to drop. Low testosterone level is associated with a muscle mass loss, increased body fat, low libido and low energy levels. The decline of testosterone levels is found to be caused by people`s poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. Check out to find a product to boost your testosterone level. The following are some of the changes that can be made in order to boost your testosterone levels.

Fix Nutrient Deficiencies

When you have low testosterone, you should be aware of it. Apart from your struggle to build and maintain muscle as well as the trendy to store more fat, you also deal with mental signs that include irritability, fatigue and low libido. Thus, when you think you are low in testosterone, consider going for supplement solutions to feel better and look great.

  • Zinc- This is a big testosterone booster but only effective in those who have testosterone deficiency. However, as zinc is lost when you sweat, when you train intensively, you risk low levels. Using zinc supplements could bring back the levels into the normal range which then boosts your testosterone levels.
  • Magnesium- Since this is also lost through sweat, magnesium supplementation will help in restoring levels to a healthy range in order to support the levels of testosterone. Taking too much magnesium can result in nausea and upsets. Consume more seeds, brazil nuts and leafy vegetables to increase your magnesium levels.
  • Vitamin D- Since vitamin D receptors are in sperm cells, it plays a major role in the production of testosterone. A lot of studies show that men who have vitamin D deficiency will experience an increase in testosterone following supplementation.

Snack on These

Low testosterone levels have to do with a number of health issues that include muscle mass loss, bone density loss, weight gain and decreased libido. In order to increase sex drive while satisfying your taste buds, consider the libido-boosting treats below.

  • Watermelon- High citrulline levels make melon the Viagra of nature.
  • Grapes- Consuming a small bunch of grapes each day can increase testosterone and make sperms swim more strongly.
  • Chocolate- Those who consume a piece of dark chocolate each day will enjoy a more active sex life.

Enjoy the Sun

You tend to make vitamin D whenever you expose your skin to the sun’s rays. Men who have adequate vitamin D levels have higher testosterone levels. Also, they tend to be leaner, healthier and stronger than men who are deficient.