Effective Treatment Options for Osteoarthritis in the Hands Revealed

Hands osteoarthritis is a common condition. Symptoms of this condition occur in almost all women who are more than 70 years old. Osteoarthritis develops as the fingers and hand joints cartilage starts to break down which causes pain, stiffness and inflammation in the joints, especially in the thumb. Hands that are experiencing severe pain can be detrimental to one’s quality of life which can cost hobbies or jobs. The following are some treatment options for osteoarthritis.

Hand Arthritis Gloves

People who are cold may experience hand pain. If a person’s hand is frigid, his joints are expected to be painful and stiff. Thus, to keep the hands warm, hand arthritis gloves can be used. These items are quite effective to sooth aching hands. Quality osteoarthritis gloves are available at http://www.doctorarthritis.org.

Anti inflammatory Medications

These medications can be available over the counter or as prescription medicines. Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs include Motrin, Advil, Orudis, Actron and Aleve. Prescription strength NSAIDs includes Cataflam, Voltaren, Ansaid, Mobic and Relafen.

 Paraffin Wax Units

Paraffin was units are also great options for those who have stiff and achy hands. Although they are found in salons they can definitely be used as a home remedy to hand arthritis. Warm wax can be helpful in offering bath for achy hands. In fact, the heat itself can relieve some pain.


Anti inflammatory Diet

Nutrition and diet are as necessary as medication when it comes to arthritis pain. Those who suffer from the condition are likely to try to avoid red meat, sugar, processed foods, gluten, nightshades, lactose and flavor enhancers in order to feel a decline in pain levels. They have to stay hydrated, prefer to take fruits and vegetables and take enough amounts of cold-water fish.

Anti Inflammatory Diet

A number of anti-inflammatory creams can be directly applied to the joint. This acts as a first-line therapy for osteoarthritis that includes the hands. Compared to placebo tests and oral medications, the topical creams are effective to treat stiffness and joint pain.


Physical Therapy

When the hands become too painful and disabled, patients need to visit a hand therapist. The professional can help in improving strength, flexibility and dexterity. Within just a short period of time, patients can learn self-management techniques to relieve hand pain as they maintain their ability to play and work.


Extreme cases of osteoarthritis in the hands may require joint replacement surgery although this can be quite rare. Arthroscopic surgery can be used for cleaning out a number of the cartilage and bone fragments from the joint.


Lubricating Injections

A doctor is likely to recommend the injection of medication directly into a person’s affected joint to help in lubricating it. Since osteoarthritis results from joint wear and tear and breakdown of the joint’s cushioning, injecting such lubricant can help in reducing pain and stiffness.

Corticosteroid Injections

Corticosteroids are used for decreasing joint inflammation if the patient needs more intense treatment than topical or oral medications. Injection of the steroid is made directly to the joint. But, patients need to remember that getting too many injections can start to cause joint damage.


Author Bio:

Sandy Crane is an arthritis consult and medical college professor. A lot Crane’s blog readers are directed to http://www.doctorarthritis.org to get more information on arthritis gloves.