Factors that Hamper the Normal Hair Growth

Normally hair grows around half inch per month. But when the growth suddenly reduces its original pace then you have to consider the factors that hamper the usual growth of your tresses. It is possible that many of you are facing this problem from an early age, while the majority suffers the same with aging, climactic changes, diseases, stress and various other factors.

Lack of vitamins

Lack of vitamins and minerals reduces the speed of normal hair growth. Those of you who are seeking answer for what vitamins are good for hair growth should opt for the Vitamin A, B Vitamins, C, and E. Take supplements of Biotin and folic acids which are required for the faster hair growth.

Normal Hair Growth3

Improper diet

Excessive intake of fast food and fried foods can destroy your overall health along with the normal hair growth. Plan your diet accordingly. If required, consult a nutritionist or a dietician to chalking down a good diet chart for you. Follow the chart stringently for better results.

Add more nutritious and leafy spinach in your daily meals along with milk, fish, white meat like chicken etc. Fruits like avocados, ripened papaya, oranges, banana etc are great source of nutrients required for your hair growth.


Aging is a big problem for hair growth. After a certain age, hair growth stops completely. But if you can take good care of your stresses from the younger age, you can save hair on your scalp with aging.

Normal Hair Growth1


Stress is one of the most significant reasons of not only hair fall but also overall health issues. Even if you are young, you can suffer from lack of proper hair growth if you are suffering from hyper tension or anxiety. Do your best to stay away from stress not only for your tresses but also to get protected from the apathies like diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia and more.

Drinking less water

Drink sufficient amount of water for your normal hair growth. Good amount of water inside your body hydrates your whole body and helps the water to grow properly.

Climate changes

Climate changing is one of the most significant reasons behind slowing down the normal rhythm of hair growth. You have to opt for proper treatments from specialists in such cases to save your tresses.


Health and hormones

Those who suffer from chronic diseases from a tender age often suffer from the normal hair growth. Especially, those of you with serious digestive problems or diabetes often suffer from this syndrome. In such cases medical help is needed to fight against the odd.

Women during the post pregnancy stage and menopause suffer from excessive hair fall issues and they also stop producing new hair follicles in such times.

Chemicals or using bad hair products        

Often harsh chemicals or ingredients in any shampoo or other hair products can damage the normal hair growth. During such times, it is recommended to visit a dermatologist immediately.

These are some common yet critical factors responsible to bar the standard hair growth in people.