Fascinating Bee Pollen Health Advantages

Most of us have an interest to understand much more about bee pollen health advantages and it is application. I’ve the privilege of asking Angela, who owns bee-pollen-buzz several questions associated with the subject. Like a beekeeper’s daughter, she’s been taking bee pollens since she would be a baby. Her knowledge about this super-food really is amazing to me. Below records my interaction together with her.

Q: 1) When and just how have you begin using bee-pollen?

A: I began using bee pollen like a small child – I’m able to remember taking it when I arrived at School age. Every morning in the morning, my Mother would sprinkle it on my small granola each morning as she would be a firm believer in bee pollen health advantages. I understand my Mother required it when she breastfed me too.

Q: 2) I’m very keen to understand much more about bee pollen health advantages. How have you ever personally achieved positive results from using bee pollen?

A: I’ve personally achieved positive results by using bee pollen for the reason that I appear to have the ability to live an abnormally healthy existence. I have only been sick once within the last 7 many I am sure the bee pollen coupled with my healthy way of life keep my defense mechanisms functioning in an optimal level.

I additionally appear to have the ability to handle a greatly high physical workload. For instance, I run, weight train, cycle or do yoga 7 days per week virtually all year round. My hubby, who’s a sports diet fanatic, swears that he’s never witnessed anybody handle this type of training load without complete physical breakdown! I attribute point about this to my lengthy term utilization of bee items for example pollen and raw honey.

Q 3) Bee pollen health advantages are extremely appealing, but many people possess some negative responses about its taste. How does one describe the flavour of bee pollens?

A: I would need to state that Bee Pollen tastes bitter sweet. It really is not considered scrumptious by many people who start taking it. But I have been sent from numerous individuals who did not such as the taste at the start but increased to actually appreciate it. My hubby Mark is an ideal illustration of this – he battled initially however he finds it almost includes a flavor into it.

Q: 4) Have you got couple of fast tips about how to watch out permanently quality bee pollen?

A: The very best tip I’m able to share with people would be to know your source. Where made it happen originate from? Maybe it was sourced from near a commercial area? If that’s the case, you are able to almost rely on industrial pollutants and high metals finding yourself in the pollen. Try to look for a pollen source that’s as not even close to industry as you possibly can. Northern Canada is a superb place because it Nz.

And do not be tricked through the organic label. We have attempted to source organic pollen many occasions and you will find many greedy providers available just searching to take advantage of this buzz word. Simply because it states it’s organic does not mean it’s top quality. Trust me when i state there are various standards for various certification organizations.

Also, in case your pollen is extremely affordable to purchase, odds are it is inexpensive off-shore pollen. We have had difficulties with providers blending quality Canadian pollen with cheap, off shore pollen to save money.

Q: 5) What’s your favourite bee pollen recipe? Why? Would you tell us the components and preparation steps?

A: The best Bee Pollen Recipe may be the Super Smoothie.


2 scoops top quality vanilla Protein Powder (ideally one WITHOUT aspartame or sucralose)

1/2 blueberry

1/2 Cup blueberries

1-2 Tablespoons of Bee Pollen

1 Tablespoons of liquid honey

Blend only until liquefied. Don’t over blend as a few of the nutrients might be broken or lost because of the heat from the blender.

After I do that each morning, I’m buzzing with energy all day long!

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