Medical Pros vs Cons of IVF Treatment

IVF treatment is becoming a more commonly used method for infertile couples to conceive a child of their own. Though many claim that this is a wonderful process that gives couples a chance at procreating, there are just as many people who believe there are issues with this process. Whether this is for you or not, truly depends on your current medical situation and desire to have children.

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The Medical Pros of IVF Treatment

The most positive aspect about IVF treatment is that it gives couples a chance at having their own child. From a medical standpoint, IVF treatment can help with:

  • For women with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, this is the best option for having a child with their own eggs.
  • IVF increases the chances for older women or those with low ovarian reserves to procreate.
  • Males who are diagnosed as the issue are more likely to father a child with IVF treatments.
  • Women with PCOS have hormone imbalances that prevent pregnancy, with IVF they are more likely to find this hormone balance and create a child.

In addition to these facts, IVF has been proven safer than other forms of reproductive technology. One of the perks of considering IVF, is that many couples find out their fertilisation problems once and for all.

The Medical Cons of IVF Treatment

While IVF treatments seem like the most obvious choice, those who are considering these, do need to realise there are some medical drawbacks that are pointed out. These drawbacks include:

  • Chances of multiple pregnancies which do carry a higher risk of having health issues. These health issues include premature labour, miscarriage, infant health problem, and the increased likelihood of a caesarean delivery.
  • The risk of having an ectopic pregnancy is increase by one to three per cent with the use of IVF treatment.
  • There is no guarantee that this will work for a woman.
  • This type of treatment can be very expensive and with no guarantee, many patients often feel that they are wasting their hard earned money.
  • There are ethical issues at play, especially concerning the selection of certain embryos while discarding others.

The Medical Cons of IVF Treatment

There is also the emotional and physical toll on a woman that must be taken into consideration. For women who do not find success with this method, it can be detrimental to their mindset.

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