Saving Time and Money with Virtual Doctor Services

Whether you own a small business with only a handful of employees or currently manage more than 50 positions, sick days can add up to a huge net loss over the course of a year. To help reduce time and money lost in this manner, many companies have turned to virtual medical services for help. Through this type of innovative program, employees can access a doctor on any day of the year and receive expert medical care and advice without ever needing to leave their homes or offices. With fewer appointments to take off for and less time wasted at a physical office, you can utilise more of your employees’ time while keeping them healthy and happy.

How it Works

Virtual medical services are a web portal and mobile application system for either iOS or Android that allows employees to see highly-trained doctors through a secure and high-quality video platform. In short, they can meet virtually with their doctors whenever they find the need and receive all the care they might require to recover quickly. This innovation in medical diagnosis is beginning to completely transform the way general practitioners go about treating their client base and it is as convenient for you as it is for your employees.

Wherever they may find themselves when they feel that need help from a medical professional, they can simply use their mobiles or computers to contact one. Although no electronic system can completely replace in-person doctor visits, it can significantly reduce the need for them and make it possible to triage, treat, diagnose, prescribe, and check in with patients throughout the year.

The Same Price or Lower

The price of service is set by the GP your employees use and they may be charged additional fees for tests. However, it is not your responsibility as an employer to pay for their medical needs, but it is in your best interest to offer them a faster and more cost-effective solution than going to a physical clinic. By reducing the time taken and increasing convenience, you reduce operational costs over the course of the year and keep employee health and wellbeing high.


In the event that one of your employees is diagnosed with an illness that requires medication, he or she can be given the prescription directly or have it sent to a pharmacy on his or her behalf. All Irish pharmacies must accept these prescriptions by law, making a virtual service all the more convenient for your employees. If they are too ill to return to work, their GP can issue an MC1 and MC2 MSP sick note if it is deemed appropriate.


As required by law, your employees will enjoy complete privacy during their virtual consultations, meaning that you never need to worry about complaints in that area. Under no circumstances will a consultation be recorded and any notes taken by the GP remain confidential. If you are not seeing your usual GP during the consultation, you can have the notes sent to your usual GP without worry, and the same is true for your employees. Although you cannot completely eliminate the chance of an employee needing to take leave, you can reduce the time that he or she spends out of work during the year by offering them virtual GP services. The money you save will make this an excellent idea for the success of your business.