The nuts and bolts of self defense

The world around us is getting more and more dangerous, and it is time to take action and prepare ourselves for numerous different situations. In the old days it wasn’t uncommon for children to walk to school by themselves, or for women take a stroll in the park without feeling worried that someone might attack them from behind. Those days are over and people are beginning to fear stepping out into their own habitat. The problem is, most of us don’t know how to react in a critical situation, and many times freezing up or running in the opposite direction is the only two things our bodies instinctively know to do. This, however, can be expanded and trained in order to become more aware and self confident in a given situation.

Over the years there are numerous self defense programs which have been taught and re-taught. Martial arts is one form of training that goes back to ancient times and have aided many at avoiding or protecting themselves when they were being attacked. There is another method, called the Krav Maga Elite Training, which prepares the mind, body and spirit to deal with confrontations today.  This self defense system puts people in real life situations and gets their minds to wrap around each case by getting defeated and learning how to overcome this over and over again.

Self defense is not only about knowing how to avoid a punch or a kick, it is learning to protect yourself mentally and physically. Sometimes harsh words of a college are the ones that can throw you down, and knowing how to master a verbal attack is just as important as twisting a weapon out of the hands of a predator. The KM3 is a program that involves a number of practices on how to avoid and deal with weapons, numerous attackers, being on the ground and using objects around you. The self defense program is a “contact combat” method that allows a person to pre-live different situations that can pose a threat. With the program the individual is prepared for the threats physically and mentally, by knowing what to expect and learning how to achieve the best outcomes. There is nothing more empowering than knowing about your opponent’s next move, and avoiding it before it can ever take place. This is what defense is about: being ready.